Shipping Information



* All birds are shipped by air freight only out of the Edmonton International Airport.

* We ship across Canada.

• Because of the cost of making wood shipping boxes and driving to the airport, there is a $35 per box crate/fuel charge + the cost of freight with the airline

* The purchaser is responsible for paying us the freight costs along with the price of the birds (we have to pay the freight when the birds are dropped off at the airport).

* Freight costs vary depending on your distance from Edmonton, the number of boxes being shipped, the size and weight of the box(es)/bird(s), and whether you want the birds to be insured during their flight (for larger orders of cage birds). Once we have that information, we can calculate the freight cost for your order.

* Each shipment of birds is pre booked with the airlines and we notify you (by either phone or email) with all of the flight information at least one day prior to the birds being shipped.

* Shipping may be postponed for periods of time due to extreme cold or inclement weather at our end between October to April.

 * Pheasants/Partridge/Cage birds can be delivered to any of the larger bird auctions in Alberta (Spring or Fall).

* All birds can be picked up at our residence. Phone or email for directions.


* Pheasants and Partridge: Birds will be shipped in heavy duty plastic boxes equipped with ventilation holes, dividers (for boxes holding more than one bird), foam padded lids, and bright pink LIVE BIRD stickers on 5 sides of the box. Birds are shipped in the smallest possible boxes that will comfortably accommodate them to minimize their risk of injury and the freight costs to the consumer.

* International style shipping containers became a requirement for shipping via WestJet and Air Canada in the spring of 2005.

* Parrotlets and Parakeets: Birds will be shipped in special wooden shipping containers made of plywood with a slanted galvanized wire mesh front. Each box will be equipped with a sliding door held in by a screw, a doweling perch, shavings, and treat and feed cups. Attached to the underside of each shipping container, there will be a flat cardboard box which will contain each bird's personal documentation, a small sample of food that they are accustomed to, favorite toy, and anything else previously arranged. Pink LIVE BIRD tags and COLD SENSITIVE TROPICAL BIRD tags will be put on the outside of the container. The boxes are made so that they will comfortably hold a single bird or a pair of parrotlets or parakeets and so that the airline can only charge the minimum charge for air freight.

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