About Us

We are located near Edmonton Alberta and ship across Canada. We have been raising pheasants for 25 years and are the biggest breeders of ornamental and endangered pheasants in Canada.  We are dedicated to the conservation of all species that we raise and preserving genetic diversity in the captive population.

• Most types of pheasants are ready to leave the place in July/August

• For all species, we have between 2 - 6 pairs or trios of unrelated breeding stock

• All of our pheasants are wing tagged so we can supply the consumer with unrelated pairs

• All birds sold are wing tagged, sexable, and defect free

We no longer breed and raise quail of any kind

• Shipping rates depend on whether we have to ship via West Jet or Air Canada and how many boxes are involved -  WE WILL SHIP AIR CANADA & WESTJET

• Our shipping boxes are plastic rubbermaid, ventilated, and well marked with pink LIVE BIRDS tags. The shipping boxes are $15 EACH & you pay the air freight

Pheasant Ridge

(Donna Bush)

pheasant pens 05  

Our Pheasant Pens

Pheasant Pens 4 

View down one of our walkways 

Pheasant Pens 3  

Close up view of a pheasant pen

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