Downloadable versions of papers, reports, and my Ph.D. thesis

Bird 2013.pdf

2013 Sage-Grouse Polyandry Paper

Bird et al 2013 Behavioral Ecology-2013-Bird-29-38.pdf

2013 Sage-Grouse Paternity Paper

Bush et al. 2011

2011 Sage-Grouse Conservation Genetics Paper

Bush et al. 2010 Sage-Grouse Relatedness

2010 Sage-Grouse Relatedness Paper


2009 Ph.D. Thesis

Bush 2008 Drop Net

2008 Drop Net Paper

Bush et al. 2005 DNA Extraction

2005 DNA Extraction Techniques Paper

Bush & Strobeck 2003 Pheasant Phylogenetics

2003 Pheasant Phylogenetics Paper

2010 Bureau of Land Management Final Grant Report

Alberta SG Molted Feathers

- Document outlining the utility and success of using molted feathers for genetic purposes

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