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I completed my Ph.D. Research on Sage-Grouse genetics at the University of Alberta. I have also done past research on Pheasant Phylogenetics & Pheasant developmental disorders.

• The purpose of this web site is to give bird breeders a basic understanding of genetics terminology and concepts to help their breeding practices.  All terminology used on this web site is the CORRECT terminology, not what is commonly used by non-geneticists because I feel if you go to the trouble of learning, you should be learning everything the right way to start.

• I hope you find this web site helpful and if you have any pictures of galliform mutations that you would like to see on this site, please send me an email.

Topics Discussed on this Web Site:

    * Basic Genetics Designed for the Beginner!

    * Terminology and Definitions

    * Terminology & Definitions II

    * What is Albinism?

    * Avian Albinism & Leucism

    * Complex Inheritance

    * Genetic Effects of Domestication

    * The Effects of Inbreeding

    * Measuring Inbreeding

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